Libart ROI Calculator

1.Enter your patio or deck width (measure to the closest foot)
2.Enter your patio or deck length (measure to the closest foot)
Calculated Total Patio Area Size (sq ft) $39.99
Calculated number of tables figured at 49 sq ft / table
3.Number of seats per table
4.Average seats occupied per table
5.Average Gross Revenueper seat
6.Profit Margin per seat
Average Net Revenue per seat
7.Hours of operation per day
8.Number of times per hour table is occupied
Gross Revenue per day
Net Revenue per day
Approximate Material Cost of Enclosure only
Approximate Installation of Enclosure ( $2,400. min.)
Approximate Shipping Handling & Delivery Charges ( $1,000. min.)
Total Project Cost
Total Enclosure cost per square foot
Number of inclement days to breakeven
9.Enter the # of inclement days per year that your patio is unusable
10.Enter your projected added days of use in spring and fall
Total Added Gross Revenue for your indoor/outdoor patio
Total Added Net Revenue for your indoor/outdoor patio
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